Thunderstorms come in a variety of names including lightning storm, electrical storm, and thundershower. It is characterized by the presence of lightning and thunder, the acoustic effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The sound is often associated with mythology – that a god is playing bowling in the sky. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied with precipitation such as heavy rain, sleet, snow and hail and strong winds as a result of the upward movement of moist and warm air. Droplets of water form when the dew point is reached and as these droplets fall, they collide with each other, forming a bigger drop.

Severe weather phenomena are often associated with thunderstorms. Damages often result from the winds and heavy precipitation brought about by these things. Flash flooding is a very common effect and this catastrophe may cost millions of dollars in damages to property and businesses. Take the case of the New Jersey flooding. Even days after the storm, the flooding persisted in some of the towns. Many residents even walked in waist deep water just to get home, and some even had to use boats. Homeowners are requesting help from the government to fix the problem in the Passaic River that caused the flooding in their community.

Solutions to Flooding
Long term solutions are needed in order to stop flashfloods and landslides. Waterways must be cleared by further pursuant of laws that would be stricter in following proper building codes for infrastructures so that when weather disturbances arise, water can go to drainages and normal hydrological cycle would happen. Flood plains and winding streams can also be created. These two are some of the best ways to stop the accumulation of water by providing a path for the drainage of water. Also, wetlands and marshes should be protected because they serve as the natural drainage system since these are the places where excess water may gather. Also, planting trees will be very beneficial in order to prevent the fast saturation of water as well as the onset of erosion. The regulation of the flow of water in rivers can be achieved by building man-made lakes and dams and also by increasing the storage capacity of lakes. Moreover, the overflow of water from the river can be restricted by building dykes along it.

Is it Worth Getting Flood Insurance?
Buying flood insurance is definitely a must especially if you live in a high risk area because your home is more likely to be flooded than burned down. Even people who do not reside in floodplains should think about getting flood insurance because the National Flood Insurance Program reported that about 25% of the claims they paid last year were not in high-risk areas.

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